As a christian, I’ve been taught that faith is a firm belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. I learned this all through Sunday school. I became a Christian when I was 17 at a prayer meeting. I had some sort of an unexplainable experience that I attribute to God talking to me. I became a believer that day, but through the years, my commitment to Christ wavered and my faith is tested constantly. I doubted why God gave me a low score in Math during my XII board exams and he answered me by sending me to Birla Institute of Tech, Ranchi. Had I got a few marks more in Math, I would have done my undergrad somewhere in Kerala as opposed to one of the best institutes in India, and not ever met my wife. I questioned why he sent me rejection letters from lower ranked schools in the US and fought with God, only to find out later that he had saved the best for last- admission to Columbia University – IVY LEAGUE. This trend has continued all through my life and no matter how many times God has come to my rescue, I still harbor doubts when I face a trial.

I write this today more for myself than for anyone else. I am probably in the middle of the roughest patch of my life so far. My father in law, one of the few REAL Christians I have met, is fighting one of the worst forms of cancer. He dedicated the last 12 years of his life to Christ winning souls for His kingdom. Now he is fighting for his own life. My wife is pregnant and instead of these being her happiest days, tears and sorrow are all I see on her face. My mom in law had to lose her younger daughter at the age of 13 to leukemia and now she is watching her husband slowly drifting away. Needless to say, this has been a real test of my faith. I wondered why God is taking me and my dear family through this. I even quit praying for a while because I was angry with God. But then my father in law opened my eyes. The few times he could talk, all he said was TRUST IN GOD. Even in the middle of all the pain and the knowledge that he has cancer, TRUST IN GOD is what he had to tell us. THAT is true faith – “Firm belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence”, not only during the good days but even when the going gets tough. In spite of his condition he knows that God loves him, is watching over him and only has the best in store for him.

We might not understand why God lets certain things happen in our lives, and in the middle of those trials, its only natural to wonder why God has forsaken us. Perhaps God wants to test our faith or perhaps we love something or someone more than we love Him. Irrespective of what the reason is, we need to have BLIND FAITH and BELIEVE that God has the best in store for us and that our God is a loving God. Tonight as I sit here heavy hearted praying for my father in law and typing this post, I feel reassured more than ever that come what may, God loves my father in law more than any of us loves him and irrespective of what his condition be, God is with him. As much as I want my father in law to be healed and continue to pray fervently to God for the same, I will trust blindly that God has the best in store for him and for all of us, whatever the outcome.

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  1. George, you are absolutely right. God has a reason for everything, the delays and the denials…He will take a decision when the times comes and that will be for our good in the larger perspective. Since we humans are blind with worldly affairs, we fail to see the reason behind his decisions. Hence let the faith go on….And prayer has the might to move mountains…let’s pray for him….I join you with all my heart…

  2. De George,

    Why and how is something which we don’t understand. But i know for certain that Jesus heals. So RIGHT NOW we are going to pray by the authority given to us by the blood that was shed on the cross, by the strips He bore for us..

    Master all who were brought to you were healed. We by the WORDS you have given us , by the Name You have given us, THE NAME that is above all names, we command the sickness to leave IN THE NAME OF JESUS.. AMEN

  3. Very sad to know about u’r father-in-law’s demise George, we were all hoping he will pull through this but really its all up to the almighty finally. May his great soul rest in peace. I had lost my father when i was just 11 yr old so i understand what a huge void it creates, it feels like a part of u’r life has been cut away from you. But god himself gives strength to shoot back to life and he grants the other blessings like a kid being born etc. Hope you all sail through these tough times. Take care of Roshan. My heart felt condolences.


  4. Sorry to read this message George. As usual i came here to listen to a few of your songs. Me and my husband’s heartfelt condolences. May your father-in -law’s soul rest in peace.

  5. George my brother..

    I only knew that Roshan’s father was not well:(

    Extremely sorry to note about your father-in-law’s demise, understand the agony which the dear family is going through.. As a true Christian you know better than me.

    Dear brother… I have no words left except my sincere prayers to GOD to help each one of your family to stand by Roshan and her mom at the hour of need.

    George every true Christian faces trials in life, apostles were stoned for spreading the Word..
    Be courageous and be a pillar of support to your family. They need your love and care now and for ever. Your father-in-law is with the Almighty and you should be proud that he has spent his life for spreading the Word.

    The journey on this Earth is temporary George this is not our true Home..We have a place to be shared with the LORD.


    Keep praising and thanking GOD that is our strength for we will be called into his kingdom. Don’t know much to say but with tears rolling down will pray for all your family members and Roshan.
    Roshan my baby take care. God is good at all times. He loves you dear child:)

  6. Dear George…I am really sorry to hear abt Roshan’s dad.I know it is a difficult phase rite now for the family.My prayers to God to give strength to u all to overcome the sorrow and move on with the trust in god.Happy to knw roshan is ask her to tk care …it’s the most happiest n saddest moment for her.may god be with condolences once again.

  7. George – I came here from your post in muziboo. I must say what you have written is so much close to what all of us experience in our lives. During hardships we tend to question why me? only to realize later that it makes sense why things happened the way they did. Its hard to believe, but when you look back at your life you will notice that there is logic. Your examples about your math score or school being few of them.

    In my personal experience, the only explanation that comforts me during any kind of confusion is – God chooses the most optimum path for you in life. It may not be the best of paths that you hope for when you started out. Sure it has hardships at various stops, but only to make sure that you take the right turns. But amidst all this, in order to keep moving forward, you need to have trust and patience in God. That is the fuel that will give you energy (hope) to move on. Once you are past the stormy phase, you will soon realize in retrospect why things happened the way they did and everything now makes sense.

    Einstein – “God does not play dice”

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