Yesterday (May 20th, 2014) Citrix released ShareConnect for the iPad, which is another Citrix SaaS offering that allows users to access files and applications on their remote physical PCs. While products like GoToMeeting (Citrix), RemotePC and LogMeIn provided access to remote PC’s, what truly sets ShareConnect in a class of its own is the optimized user experience. At the end of the of the day, as a user, the reason I want to connect back to that physical PC back at my home is to gain access to files or applications. While I do get access to these using the other products, the user experience is not optimal. I need to maneuver through my desktop using a mouse on an iPad, and this can be frustrating. Below is the user experience using ShareConnect:

1. Install application from the AppStore and sign in.

photo 1
photo 2   photo 3

2. Install agent on physical workstation.

3. Login

photo 4   photo 5

4. Access files on your iPad, preview files.

photo 3 5. Access and launch applications on the iPad photo 4

photo 5
photo 2


photo 1


6. Access desktop on the iPad (if need be)

photo 2

As you can see from the screenshots, ShareConnect completely redefines “Access” to your remote PC by optimizing the user experience and providing a simple method to get to files and applications as opposed to just a desktop with its highly intuitive UI. I am really digging this product so far. I will update this post soon with a video as well.

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