I love Michael Jackson and think hes an artist whose music transcends time. He defined a generation! Heres the story behind this venture…..I was working on an original composition with a friend of mine and wanted Sudeip to do the guitarwork for it. So I suggested he try something like the guitar work in Beat It and Sudeip agreed. Around 9:00 pm I got a call from Sudeip and he said “I have a surprise for you. You know I’m crazy right? So guess what I did?” I had no clue! It so happens he had worked on Beat It instead of the original composition!!!! Needless to say I loved it and the rest is History!!

Sudeip and I go back a long way. We met back in college where he was my super senior. It is thanks to him that I started singing in college, it is thanks to him that I joined Muziboo and most importantly it is thanks to him that my wife heard me sing for the first time. I had a blast working with him on this and hope this is the first of many to follow!

All Music arranged and performed by Sudeip
Vocals , harmonies by George
Mixed by Sudeip and George

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4 thoughts on “Sudeip and George cover Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)”

  1. ohh wow !! yippeeee 😀 my name showed up on this blog 🙂
    it was indeed fun doing it …you know you’ve done a good song when u can’t stop listening to your own song !!

    its funny that lots of friends usually have this curiosity to see what “i am” listening to on my iPod and it ends up that its all my original music on my iPod. I guess i listen to my music all the time !

    so what happens when George sings a song for me ! …i listen to George 24*7 !!

    i know George since the last decade and a half now. Still remember the very very first time i met him..

    here is a little story…
    excuse my misdemeanour guys ..cos George just gave me a huge oppurtunity to rant ! 🙂

    so back in the day ..i think early 97 i called George to come and generally listen to my stuff in my dorm room. I was listening to “Sanjay Maroo” those days and i had newly composed this song on a keyboard borrowed from another George’s batchmate…guess my juniors in college were richer than me 😉 ..lol and so George sang for the first time..and no it was not a cover..it was my original song which me and George almost co-wrote..

    i would share the lyrics with everyone..but given my love for everything thats super corny and cheezy… i will spare everyone the torture i put George through that nite !!

    anyways i guess that really started off a string of jam sessions…
    fast forward 2 years and i had formed a band ..yes one of the many ! ..so we ended up going to ISM Dhanbad ..we were in the Solo Vocals competition and George was singing “I Live my Life for you” by Firehouse…precisely 2 milliseconds before the solo…the Zoom pedal i was using gives this loud shriek out and we were like damn !!!! anyways George wasnt too happy about it lol ….but then we still went ahead and decided to represent our University at the ISM Band contest…We kept practising..It was me on guitars , Jacob on Keyboards , Teji on Drums and George on vocals… and yes Cyanide Angels (Gourov Dasgupta) was kind enough to lend his bassist to us for that evening !! so i guess that was my 2 cents on the musical journey with George..

    its funny how music brings back people together ..its just that awesome bond..something unexplained..something wierd…when you know you sang and played on stage with that guy..you have that look in each others’ eyes..no matter what you do ..where you do ..how you do ..its just an unshakable bond !!

    We have both been on muziboo since last 2 years now…and its funny that all it took was a simple email that propelled us into 2 days of non stop calling each other , spamming each others’ mailboxes( i realised on the 2nd day..that i have chat as well and i can chat with George) and lo ! that was it Beat it !

    Anyways remains to be seen where it all takes us…i enjoy music and i am married to it ..its just a demon or perhaps an angel i will never know !! ..but i gotta do what i gotta do …

    Glad that atleast in this lifetime i have my share of these awesome , heavily talented and hard working friends i can make great music to with !

    If I had my own “Oscars” , I would give one to each of them !

  2. Hey that was great listening to this cover once again, George , at this time specially.. That was nice to read those stories, Sudeip,. Expecting more wonderful music from u both.

  3. George I am maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad of this song 🙂 🙂
    he he he he he
    Hey!! U have sung it well, nice modulations and brilliant singing as always!!!
    Please try ‘Dangerous’ sometime, love that song too:)
    Sudeip is too good on the guitars:)

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