This is an old song by Suzanne Vega. The song talks about a very sensitive topic – Child Abuse. The main character is this song is a kid named Luka who is abused by his parents. The song is presented from his point of view. I love the way she presents a sensitive topic like Child Abuse in a simplistic and candid manner but still hits the point hard. Heres my version of the song.

Luka | Music Upload

Luka at

Cemetary Gates (Pantera Cover) – Featuring Gibson Guitarist

I’ve wanted to do this song for a long time, but never found a guitarist to cover it.. n then I met Gibson 🙂 He gave me the opportunity to collaborate and here it is. This is one of the greatest rock ballads period!

Cemetary Gates (Pantera Cover) – Collaboration with Gibson Guitarist at


Reverend, reverend,
Is this a conspiracy?
Crucified for no sins
No revenge… beneath me.
Lost within my plans for life,
It all seems so unreal.
Im a man cut in half in this world,
Left in my misery.


The reverend he turned to me
Without a tear in his eyes.
Its nothing new for him to see,
I didnt ask him why.
I will remember…
The love our souls had sworn to make.
Now I watch the falling rain
All my mind can see now is your (face).

Well I guess
You took my youth
And gave it all away.
Like the birth of a new found joy,
This love would end in rage…
And when she died
I couldnt cry,
The pride within my soul.
You left me incomplete
All alone as the memories now unfold.

Believe the word.
I will unlock my door…
And pass the cemetery gates.

Sometimes when Im alone,
I wonder aloud,
If youre watching over me
Some place far abound.
I must reverse my life
I cant live in the past.
Then set my soul free,
Belong to me at last.

Through all those complex years
I thought I was alone.
I didnt care to look around
And make this world my own…
And when she died
I shouldve cried and spared myself some pain.
You left me incomplete,
All alone as the memories still remain.

The way we were,
The chance to save my soul…
And my concern is now in vain.
Believe the word,
I will unlock my door…
And pass the cemetery… gates


The way we were,
The chance to save my soul…
And my concern is now in vain.
Believe the word,
I will unlock my door…
And pass the cemetery…


Cemetary Gates (Pantera Cover) – Collaboration with Gibson Guitarist | Music Upload

Dheere Dheere (Original Composition) – Collaboration with Sunny

I am extremely excited to be posting this song. This is the first time I have worked on an original composition. The song, Dheere Dheere was composed, written and mixed by Sunny . Sunny is a Sound Engineer who works with Sandeep Chowta . I got to know Sunny through Muziboo . He is amazingly gifted and I am so happy to have worked with him on this project. It took us about a month to complete this one since we were trying to fit our work schedules in between. But I feel it was well worth the wait. Hope you all enjoy this one.

Dheere Dheere (Original Collaboration with Sunny) at


Dheere Dheere (Original Collaboration with Sunny) | Music Upload

Soulful Music At Its Best

I was watching Idol gives back last Wednesday. For those of you who are not familiar with this show, its a special episode on American Idol which is geared towards raising money for charities all around the world. Anyway, there were a lot of pop stars, actors, sports icons etc who participated in the show to help the cause. But one person stuck out among the crowd like a shining star with her genuine concern towards AIDS in Africa – none other than ANNIE LENNOX. Her performance left me spellbound and left me crying as it came from the bottom of her heart and her pain resonated with me. I wanted to share it with the rest of you as this is soulful music at its best. The song she sang is a cover of “Many Rivers to Cross” written by Jimmy Cliff in 1969.

Hats off to ANNIE LENNOX for a mind blowing performance!


Here Comes the Sun (Beatles Cover)

Beatles to me has had the must influence in the history of rock music. I grew up listening to them and they’ve had a tremendous impact in my life from a musical perspective.

This particular song was written by George Harrison while sitting in Eric Clapton’s (who is another favorite of mine) garden. Its a very simple song that has withstood the test of time and remains in our hearts as one of the greats!

The guitar work on this track is once again by Gibson Guitarist. I did the main vocals first and then recorded 3 separate tracks for the harmony and mixed it down. Hope you guys enjoy this one.



A brief introduction

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty excited to be finally blogging. I’ve had an account setup for over a year now and been procrastinating since. Lately I have gone back to my true passion – Music and I thought the blog is a good way to spread my music. I am part of the Muziboo community and collaborate with a number of people there. Some of my collaborations will be posted here.

For those of you who dont know me, I am currently based out of Chicago, but hail from Changanacherry, which is a small town in Kerala, India. Although I am from Kerala, I spent most of my teenagehood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates before heading to Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Ranchi, India to pursue my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. It is here that I met my better half, Roshan James. Some of the best years of my life were spent here. From BIT, I headed to New York to complete my Masters in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University in New York. After my MS, I moved to Chicago to work with Denmac Systems as a Nework Consultant. I’ve been in Chicago for the past 4.5 years. You can find more about my career here.

So, I hope you will join me in my musical journey and post your honest feedback regarding my music. I would also be happy to hear from you about songs you would like to hear me sing. Stay tuned 🙂