Abhishek and I go back a long way. We used to members of the Music Club back at Birla Institute of Technology during my undergraduate years. We collaborate often on Muziboo.

Rock On is a movie that both of us are in love with. SEL and Farhan Akhtar have done a great job with the soundtrack. Tum Ho To is my second cover from the movie, Phir Dekhiye being the first. Farhan’s rendition had a very raw feel to it, which I was not able to capture fully. We would love to hear back from you all about your thoughts on this cover.

Rock On!!

Tum Ho Toh (Rock On Cover) – Partners In Rhyme | Upload Music

4 comments on “Tum Ho To – With Abhishek Narayan(Rock on Soundtrack)”

  1. Very nice George… especially the part where originally F.Akthar has gone into falsetto has been very well done. And, the backup vocals are amazing!

    Abhishek has a very nice voice as well.

    Keep it coming !

  2. Hey!

    Awesome rendition 🙂 .. sounds diff from the original but nice (esp the falsetto)
    I love this song btw, do you mind sending me the karaoke track?


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