I wanted to do something totally different and hence picked this song. This is a song by the French group Kaoma. Lambada is actually a form of dance for couples that is very popular in Brazil. There are a number of songs based around this dance form and this one is probably the most recognized world wide.

The song was originally sung by a woman. I did not want to change the scale as I felt it would ruin the beauty of the song. This definitely ranks as one of the toughest songs I’ve covered coz of the style, all the subtle expressions and nuances and ofcourse the language.

Hope this takes you down memory lane 🙂

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2 comments on “Lambada (Originally sung by Kaoma)”

  1. Awesome man, old memmories there, time moves to fast, nicely done as usal bro very passionate……

  2. Georgy this is one of the best songs of yours.
    Listening to your voice and songs like this elevates anyone’s moods and do feel relaxed. God has given me a good friend, brother and a sweet singer in you.
    Sincerely, pray that God would help you release an Album in Hindi, Malayalam and English all praising GOD – Original composition before Christmas 2010.
    Happy holidays and enjoy with your family. Have tasty Kerala food too 🙂 With lots of love. Take care.

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