Month: February 2009

Sudeip and George cover Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)


I love Michael Jackson and think hes an artist whose music transcends time. He defined a generation! Heres the story behind this venture…..I was working on an original composition with a friend of mine and wanted Sudeip to do the guitarwork for it. So I suggested he try something like the guitar work in Beat It and Sudeip agreed. Around 9:00 pm I got a call from Sudeip and he said “I have a surprise for you. You know I’m crazy right? So guess what I did?” I had no clue! It so happens he had worked on Beat It instead of the original composition!!!! Needless to say I loved it and the rest is History!!

Sudeip and I go back a long way. We met back in college where he was my super senior. It is thanks to him that I started singing in college, it is thanks to him that I joined Muziboo and most importantly it is thanks to him that my wife heard me sing for the first time. I had a blast working with him on this and hope this is the first of many to follow!

All Music arranged and performed by Sudeip
Vocals , harmonies by George
Mixed by Sudeip and George

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Mundhinam Parthene – With Tara Balakrishnan

This song is from the tamil movie Vaaranam Aayiram, and is just my second tamil attempt. I’ve worked with Tara before and she’s done a splendid job on this song. Special thanks to her and Meera for helping with in understanding the lyrics, pronuniciation and expressions. Tara and I have added a few variations and introduced some new harmonies at the end of the song. Hope you all enjoy this cover. We would appreciate your feedback!

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Ek Meetha Marz – With Srividya Kasturi


This is my first duet with Srividya. I want to thank her for introducing me to this beautiful song and for singing this with me. I think she has done a splendid job!

As compared to my other covers, I’ve introduced very few (if any) improvisations in this song based on advise I received from people like Dhiraj, Tara etc. Srividya has introduced a few subtle variations which I feel complimented the song beautifully.

Vidya and I would like to thank Soumitra and Vidyu for lending us this karaoke track. Much appreciated guys!!!

Special thanks to Tara and Meera for reviewing the song a zillion times and helping us improve the end product. Thanks a lot guys!!

Movie: Welcome to Sajjanpur
Song: Ek Meetha Marz
Original Singers: Mohit Chauhan and Madhusree
Music Director: Shantanu Moitra
Covered by: George Kuruvilla and Srividya Kasturi

Ek Meetha Marz – Duet with Srividya Kasturi | Music Codes

Learning to Fly (Tom Petty Cover)

Tom Petty

My wife and I were on the road a month back or so, and happened to hear this song. She had a sudden desire to hear me sing this song and so here it is! This is a Tom Petty classic. Its kind of odd that I listen to Tom Petty almost every day and yet this is the first Tom Petty song that I’m covering.

For those of you who are familiar with the song, I’ve altered the harmonies and changed the ending too just to give it a different flavor.

For those who are listening to Tom Petty for the first time and like this song, do check out some others like Running down a dream, Free Falling, Wont back down etc.

Learning to Fly (Tom Petty Cover) | Music Codes