Back in 2007-08, I was totally overworked and burnt out. I remember my wife telling me that I needed to get back into music just as a stress buster. It was around this time I got introduced to Muziboo through Sudeip. I remember how I felt after my first upload and the reading the first few comments shortly after the upload. I felt so happy to know that people actually took the time to listen to my amateur covers and moreover encourage me with positive feedback. Little did I know this was the beginning of something much greater. Over the next couple of years, my life revolved around Muziboo. I uploaded over 200 songs, collaborated on a number of projects with others, learned a great deal about the nuances of singing in different languages and genres, mixing and whole lot more. I even had the opportunity to pass on what I learned to others and mentor some youngsters. But the greatest gift that I received through Muziboo were the friends (too many to list.. you know who you are). Some of my closest friends today are friends I made on Muziboo and we have shared our joys and sorrows together. Muziboo has definitely made me a more versatile singer, not afraid to go out of his comfort zone.

It is sad to note that the site is shutting down, but it is what it is. I want to thank Prateek and Nithya for the community they created and for their hard work and determination to keep the site running through some very difficult periods. You both have a lot to be proud of! Rest assured, Muziboo has a very special place in all our hearts and will never be forgotten!

One thought on “Thank You Muziboo!”

  1. Hello George,
    I’m Chalam from Chennai, a dedicated songwriter. I’m 54.It’s amazing to note the number of covers you’ve sung. I listened to & like some of your covers on your facebook page.Kudos. If you have the time & interest to come up with an original song, please let me know.I would be glad to write for you.
    Please think, please talk to your wife and please mail me your interest or disinterest. 🙂

    I sincerely wish you the best!

    Best regards,


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