I am extremely excited to be posting this song. This is the first time I have worked on an original composition. The song, Dheere Dheere was composed, written and mixed by Sunny . Sunny is a Sound Engineer who works with Sandeep Chowta . I got to know Sunny through Muziboo . He is amazingly gifted and I am so happy to have worked with him on this project. It took us about a month to complete this one since we were trying to fit our work schedules in between. But I feel it was well worth the wait. Hope you all enjoy this one.

Dheere Dheere (Original Collaboration with Sunny) at Muziboo.com


Dheere Dheere (Original Collaboration with Sunny) | Music Upload

21 thoughts on “Dheere Dheere (Original Composition) – Collaboration with Sunny”

  1. A lovely composition, very well sung. sure to melt anyones heart. lovely soothing music. Hats off man you are top of my list.
    All the best
    Am all ears for more to come.

  2. Wonderful job Sunny and George! Why don’t you guys release an album or something [and I would like to be a part of it ;-)]?

    Would it be possible for you to provide a download link of the original (hi-res) file?

  3. Thanks Manish and Jo for your feedback. Hopefully theres plenty more to come. Keep listening 🙂

  4. Awesome song/lyrics/composition and singing man… keep up the good work and waiting for more…

  5. It’s heartening to see original compositions like this 🙂 ..Nice tune and very well sung ..I had great expectations from mixing but unfortunately the vocals sound squashed up on my studio monitors 🙁 Too much compression during mastering ?


  6. Thanks Dhiraj for your feedback. We are working on a new mix. Will update the blog once its done 🙂

  7. Great package !! overall enjoyed it ..

    However like what Vishal said earlier …I was expecting a better mix …neverthless keep singing

  8. hello George ,

    Reached here thru Jo’s blog . an amazing work ..such a soulful rendition ..wow !! yet to listen to the rest :-).

  9. Great one. Enjoyed very well. Your voice is so sweet. The composition is also superb. Way to go.
    Keep up the great work.
    With Love,

  10. Rich, vibrant, clear and confident voice. Soulful, wholesome and touching rendition.

    George ! Awesome !

  11. wow! almost a year since this is done..i am late! 🙂 better late i guess than never 🙂 brilliant! any song based on this raag can only be appealing ..keep going! 🙂

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