This is a continuation of my old post on Home Recording for newbies. The first part was very well received and a number of my friends asked me to post another short tutorial. I have tried to capture whatever I can into this tutorial. Would be happy to hear your feedback.

Audio Mixing Tutorial for Beginners – Part 2 from George Kuruvilla on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Audio Mixing for Beginners Part 2”

  1. I skipped to the part where you add effects/plug ins 😀

    Was trying to see if you have some magic button hidden somewhere which you ciick to make us sound like what we do LOL

    Well jokes apart, real useful! Thanks

  2. That was very helpful, George. Thank you.
    One Q….when a song has a chorus or harmony, is it better to sing in different tracks and mix, or just to apply the inbuilt preset?

  3. Kudos, George! I just installed nuendo! So was so happy to see nuendo there. It was very exhaustive and helpful. Will experiment on it n get back to u.
    Thanks for the great effort you have put onto this.

  4. Very nice goerge. and u i have been
    learning for the past year on my own with mixing.
    what i tell people. is , dont b afraid to experiment with
    the soiunds. as one can always undo any mistakes
    and start over. as u well know..i use a lot of the same
    processes that u use on my magix studio and sonyy
    sound forge..sutdio .and agree with u a lot is getting
    the right sound by compression equalizaton filters
    at time s and reverb is defiantely a must. i also agree
    when i did for nithya s french song vocals must b
    equal to the music. now in some cases with rock
    the music is louder to drown the voice out if one is
    not the best of singers..and my elimanator s are
    basically called noise reduction removers and also
    also what i do is at the end is at the end what is
    called a mix down and normalization…………….
    thus converting into mp 3. so again thanks guess im
    doing it right from what i can see here. again thanks
    so much .nice blog..and all is appreciated. ……….
    god bless NEIL…………………………………………………….

  5. George you are a very good person. willing to help others and sharing knowledge with the world. a good friend always as i see your help in Muziboo too. Just came here to listen to some songs of yours and then was reading all this stuff on mixing.

    Wanted to leave a message for you and thanks a lot for all your help and beautiful songs. Will get connected on twitter too.

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