Every year, I try to compile a list of sessions that I highly recommend. This year, I’m a bit late, but better late than never. So here goes:

  • SYN101: Citrix Virtual Assistant and Productivity Analytics (Kedarnath Poduri, Omar ElNaggar)
  • SYN145: Privacy, security, data and trust: a look at the future of data risk management (Steve Wilson, Peter Lefkowitz, Lisa Bobbitt)
  • SYN129: Getting ahead of global regulations and compliance with Citrix (Florin Lazurca, Joseph Nord, Chris Hoffner, Peter Lefkowitz)
  • SYN111: Desktops-as-a-Service with Citrix (Kireeti Valicherla, Paul Carley)
  • SYN141: Learn how the intelligent Citrix Workspace organizes, guides, and automates work (Omar ElNaggar, Vishal Ganeriwala)
  • SYN142: The journey to Workspace with Citrix IT leaders (Joe Verdarame, Renee Flores)
  • SYN703: Get visibility into your Citrix licensing and active use (Daniel L’Hommedieu, Alex Tompkins)
  • SYN210: Avoid performance stress when using hybrid cloud workloads (Thomas Poppelgaard, Christiaan Brinkhoff)
  • SYN229: Citrix Cloud deployment strategies: customer and partner perspectives (Shane O’Neill, Paul Stansel)
  • SYN138: How to move from StoreFront to Workspace (Craig Hinchliffe, Alex Tompkins)
  • SYN127: Bringing Okta and Citrix together in Workspace (Daniel L’Hommedieu, Bryan Smoltz)
  • SYN130: Future of work (Christian Reilly, James Bulpin)
  • SYN201: Performance analytics for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (Sameer Mehta, Jitendra Deshpande)
  • SYN211: HDX: it’s all about the user experience (Mark Howell, Miguel Contreras, Fernando Klurfan, Roberto Moreno)
  • SYN226: Reliable, high performance workspace delivery over imperfect network connections (Derek Thorslund, Wesley Shepherd)
  • SYN230: Citrix Cloud and Azure: real-world experiences and tips for a successful deployment (Paul Stansel, Jason Samuel)
  • SYN221: How to protect your Citrix deployments and modern applications with Citrix ADC (Patrick Coble, Frank Bunger)
  • SYN202: Under the hood with Citrix Analytics (Mathew Varghese, Jim Regetz)
  • SYN217: Multi-site recommended practices, reloaded (Jarian Gibson, Shane Kleinert, Kees Baggerman, Dave Brett)
  • SYN231: Architecting the workspace for high security (Kurt Roemer, Mike Nelson)
  • SYN208: Citrix App Layering: top 10 lessons from the field 2.0 (Dan Morgan, Daniel Lazar)

I also want to mention that I will be leading two sessions this year. Details below:

  • SYN236: Citrix Workspace: addressing the security conundrum (George Kuruvilla, Scott Lane)
  • SYN406: Debunking common misconceptions about Citrix Workspace: lessons from the field (George Kuruvilla, Kevin Nardone)

I look forward to seeing many of you next week in Atlanta! 

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