About 2 months back, Smitha Passanha informed me about a tribute that Sonu Niigaam was organizing for Michael Jackson and that he was looking for singers to participate in this effort. I sent in one of my MJ covers (Beat It) and ended up being one among the intial 6 chosen singers. I was thrilled to say the least and at the same time extremely humbled.

This project is a true testimonial to the fact that the world is shrinking thanks to the Internet. The vocalists were spread all over the world (Canada/US/UK/India) and each of us recorded our vocals remotely and sent it in. The song and the video was then compiled and mixed by the team.

The whole experience was just mind blowing and definitely the biggest project I have been part of thus far! The whole team did such a great job in every respect!!! Special thanks to Sonu for envisioning this project and more importantly following through on it and coming up with a truly fitting tribute to MJ!!

Official release story was done by Kavita Chhibber and can be found here

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Youtube Video:

Coverage on Asian Variety Show:

4 thoughts on “MJ, this one’s for you – Team Sonu Niigaam (A tribute to Michael Jackson on his 51st Birthday)”

  1. Dear George,

    It is sheer pleasure listening to your songs. Liked the and its gr8! you look cute and cool.

    Every singer’s voice has an exceptional appeal. I could make out your distinct voice – well done!!

    Always loved your singing a lot.. You are one of the best singers I admire.

    Wish you and your team a lucky musical journey and you dream of uniting the wold with the world of the Gospel comes true l.

    i await for your other albums as well.

    Tons of love and luck./Priya Rajan

  2. Heard it again…wonderful flow of music!
    Many congrats George!!
    Let more such songs come your way!!

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