The last few months have been unlike anything we’ve ever seen, the likes of which most of us have never experienced in our lifetime. Our routine lives that we perhaps took for granted has been taken away from us in a heartbeat. We are surrounded by uncertainty. However, this new reality that we find ourselves in, one filled with disruption, can be looked at as an opportunity, and how we react to these changes could very well define our future.

I have always considered time to be the most scarce resource. There is always so much to do and so little time, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. As much as we try to be organized, its always a challenge to try and do all the things we want to, be it career development, hobbies, family, spirituality, mentoring etc. Now that we are confined to working from home, we all have a few extra hours to play with. I am convinced that the key to success is discipline, finding our rhythm.

So what do I mean by “finding a rhythm”? It involves us splitting up our days into manageable chunks, each assigned to something specific. The key is to be very conscious of those blocks of time and making every effort to stick to the routine you’ve defined. At the end of each day, its important to assess how you did and document the gaps. This will eventually help you establish your rhythm. Just like exercise, once we follow a routine for a period of time, we become very conscious when we deviate away from it and it bothers us. The routine becomes the new norm. It is important to put a lot of thought into what you are trying to achieve and then defining a daily routine that helps you get there over a period of time. For instance, if personal development is a goal, then spending time reading is one of the ways you can achieve that goal. To help you develop the habit of reading, define a specific time daily that you plan on devoting to reading and also designate a spot where you’ll be reading so you’ll associate that spot with that habit. Commitment to the routine is the key to success. It needs to be very visible, something you need to think about at all times. It also helps to share your routine with someone you trust, so that they can hold you accountable.

I have my daily routine on my whiteboard, my phone and all over my office. I am constantly reminded of it and that is by design. There is no running away from it. I am still in the process of getting to the point where it is fully ingrained in me. I know that when I get there and find my rhythm, it will lead to a better version of me. And that is all I am hoping for.

We’ve all been leading crazy, monotonous, stressful lives for a very long time. We’ve now been given an opportunity to slow down and do some introspection. While it is easy to let fear get the better of us, let us instead look at our present situation as an opportunity. A blessing in the form of time. Time to invest in professional growth. Time to achieve the personal goals we’ve been setting aside. Time to be be truly present for our families. Time to invest in others and do as much as we can to help them achieve their dreams. Let us all truly find our rhythm, make the most of this opportunity and be ready for what lies ahead, as this too shall pass!

One thought on “Finding Your Rhythm: Discipline In The Midst Of Chaos and Uncertainty”

  1. excellent advice. key takeaways for me are – make manageable chunks of time both conscious & intentional, applying discipline & finding that suitable rhythm for my own goals, write them down & to stay committed! thank you!

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