This is probably one of my top 5 most favorite songs of all time. I used to listen to this on loop endlessly back in college and I’ve waiting almost 10 yrs to do this song. I was never able to find a guitarist to cover this for me (due to the complexity or lack of interest) or find a track (as this is not a popular song).

So you can only imagine my joy in finally being able to sing this. Sung originally by one of my idols, Ronnie James Dio (who later joined Black Sabbath) with guitarwork by Ritchie Blackmore (from Deep Purple), this is a true masterpiece. The vocals in the original are soulful and powerful at the same time in true Dio fashion and the guitarwork is to die for. You will find the range of this song quite unique (starts low and then goes really high)

I have done the harmonies slightly different from the original, but at the same time tried to get the soul element as rendered by Dio. Hope this song makes at least some of you check out Rainbow 🙂 Enjoy!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Ashish Vaswani (batchmate at BIT and a good friend of mine) for introducing me to this song back in the day!!! Thanks bro!

Song: Catch the Rainbow
Group: Rainbow
Album: Catch the Rainbow: The Anthology

Cover Credits:
Lead vocals, Harmonies: George Kuruvilla
Mixed by: George Kuruvilla

When evening falls
She’ll run to me
Like whispered dreams
Your eyes cant see
Soft and warm
She’ll touch my face
A bed of straw
Against the lace

We believed we’d catch the rainbow
Ride the wind to the sun
Sail away on ships of wonder
But life’s not a wheel
With chains made of steel
So bless me come the dawn
Come the dawn

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