The Beyond Carlton movement has been in force for almost two years now, with the second anniversary of the fire tragedy coming up on Feb 23, 2012. This song is the theme song of the movement. It is a ‘trilingual’, with Hindi, English and a regional language that will help adapt it for various states/regions. We’ve started with Malayalam, with Rahul Soman wielding the pen, and Tamil and Kannada versions are under development.

Please visit and ‘like’ Beyond Carlton’s Facebook Page and express your solidarity with a cause that is as much yours as it is ours.

Music and English/Hindi lyrics: Nitin Dubey
Malayalam lyrics: Rahul Soman
English Vocals and harmonies: George Kuruvilla
Hindi and Malayalam vocals: KB Unnikrishnan
Electric lead and rhythm guitars: Sudeip Ghosh
Bass guitar, acoustic rhythm guitars, drum programming and piano: Nitin Dubey
Additional vocals: Navin Prabhakar and Arunaditya Basu
Special thanks: Sanour Sunny

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