Tomorrow, I turn 31. Decided to write mainly because I want Gaby to read this someday and know that the past year was the most special of my life so far thanks to her! Cant thank God enough for bringing her into our lives and for all the joy that she’s brought Roshan and I. The time spent with her has made me reevaluate my priorities and get a better understanding of what really matters in 🙂 Now I look forward to a life ahead, loving and caring for her and the rest of my family and being loved! I look forward to watching her sit up, crawl, walk, talk, her hugs and kisses, her first day in school, all her stories when I get back from work, her teenage tantrums, her first pay check (and my share of it), her wedding day, my grandchildren.. I hope God keeps Roshan and I alive long enough to watch her carve her way through life..

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